Indian Rosewood Model  

Dark and simple in appearance, Indian rosewood has outstanding stability, and offers the most sound for the dollar. This is a great choice for the student or budding performer, although some of out best players play on Indian rosewood guitars.

Fortunately, Indian rosewood is readily available and I have collected some of the finest sets available. Most are dark and consistent. Some have interesting details of figure, others have indications of light and dark banding. All of them when under finish, have a gorgeous classic look. This is a first rate wood that should not be underestimated. It is very stable and is most likely the most durable wood we offer.

Each Connor guitar is set up to optimize the benefits of the instrument. The sound portal in this guitar will give the player a unique playing experience, as you are immersed in the music in a way unlike any other instrument. This has been paired with our unique bracing pattern which gives these instruments power, clarity and sustain unlike any other. Furthermore, we add details to each of our instruments like a lightly radiused fingerboard, precise string spacing and height, to make them remarkably easy to play. An optional elevated fingerboard may be added which allows greater access to the higher register.

The Indian Rosewood model has an even response; each note singing with sustain and equal volume. The volume of the high treble register is outrageously strong. Overall a very satisfying guitar and an outstanding value in the concert guitar scene.

Standard Specifications
Design Style: Elevated fingerboard w/dark wedge. Or Standard Spanish fingerboard
Scale length: 650mm
Back and sides: Indian Rosewood
Soundboard: Western red Cedar or Spruce
Fingerboard: African Ebony
Bridge: Brazilian Rosewood
Neck: Honduran Mahogany
Bracing stock: Moon harvested spruce
Saddle: Bone
Rosette: Connor Guitars
Finish: Hand rubbed French polish throughout or water based Lacquer sides with French polish soundboard.
String spacing: Nut 43mm and saddle 58mm
Fingerboard width: nut 53mm and 12th fret 63mm
Fingerboard Ebony, radiused
Neck thickness: 1st fret 22mm and 9th fret 24mm
Action at 12th: high E 3.4mm and low E 3.7mm
Lower bout: 368mm
Upper bout: 280mm
Sound portal: Included
Position Markers: 7th
Tuners: Gotoh
Case: Standard 5-Ply arch top/back Canadian case

Upgrades: Rosette: Custom rosette and/or perimeter mosaic Tuners: Sloane, Alessi, Fustero Case: Eastman Metro, Ameritage, Calton, Accord

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"For me your guitars are the best that I have ever heard. The sound in both my instruments is fabulous for baroque, flamenco, and all Spanish classical music. It is warm, present, and recalls the sound of the Oud and the Lute. It is also sweet and brilliant, ideal for works of composer such as Albeniz"
—Juan Miguel Gimenez, Granada 2007

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