Guitar Rosette Construction  

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when people come by the workshop is "how do you make your rosettes?" I thought I'd put together this quick step-by-step guide of some of the processes involved in making rosettes from scratch.

Connor Rosette design
First, make the design on graph paper. This is the most challenging step.

Connor Rosette veneer
Calculate and then cut the amount of veneer strips that are needed.

Connor Rosette mosaic strips
Here are veneer strips for the central mosaic.

Connor Rosette assembly
Clip them together so that each assembly corresponds with one column in the mosaic tile.

Connor Rosette stack
Glue the strips together into a stack.

Connor Rosette stack cleanup
Once dry, square the sides of the stack with a low angle block plane.

Connor Rosette planks
Saw off planks from each stack.

Connor Rosette lamination
The planks are then laminated together to create a log.

Connor Rosette log tiles
Once the log has been glued together, it is tapered. Then individual tiles can be sawn off.

Connor Rosette channel
Cut a channel in your soundboard and then start to lay the tiles in place .

Connor Rosette pattern
Here's the initial pattern in place after being smoothed a bit with the plane.

Connor Rosette central mosaic
Next, the central mosaic is flanked by more decorative inlay.

Connor Rosette purflings
Purfling laminations can be bent on a bending iron. Just a little heat and moisture does the trick.

Connor Rosette grammel
A grammel is used to scribe the dimensions of the channel.

Connor Rosette channel excavation
The channel is roughly excavated with a chisel.

Connor Rosette dremel
Then a Dremel tool can be used to perfect the channel.

Connor Rosette teflon
Here, the purflings are gathered together with a teflon strip.

Connor Rosette flanking mosaic
Later I'll remove the strip and put in small tiles for a flanking mosaic.

Connor Rosette chaos
From chaos comes beauty.

Connor Rosette small tiles
Out comes the teflon, in go the small tiles.

Connor Rosette herringbone
This second design is flanked by herringbone.

Connor Rosette installation
Herringbone is simple to bend and install.

Connor Rosette close up
Here's the herringbone design close up.

Connor Rosette closeup
Here's the one with the flanking mosaic close up.

These two rosettes will be used in my new Angel Romero Special Edition that he and I have been collaborating on. The sound,experience and beauty of these instruments will be a direct reflection of Angel's discerning taste. To see more of my rosettes visit the rosette image gallery.

"Of all this great family of gifted craftsmen and artists in wood Stephan Connor is one of the greatest. His instruments have poetry, power, clarity and that extra, indefinable magic that makes playing them a joy and inspiration"
—Eliot Fisk

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